7 Money-Saving Travel Tips

You can save money on almost everything and in almost every place. There’s no need to spend more than is necessary on trips especially when you need the extra cash for other things. Here are ways by which you can travel cheap(er) and save some more money

1. Plan your trip for the cheapest times and seasons:

Flight prices depend a lot on the day or month of the flight. You can plan your flight by comparing flight prices for the month or the quarter and then take your pick out of the cheapest days to travel. Weekends are also more expensive than week days, the same rule applies to festive periods. Thus it’s cheaper to travel off season for better bargains, and of course a less jam-packed destination.

2. Book for Airport parking ahead

Just in case you will have to leave your vehicle parked at the airport for the course of you trip, book for parking well ahead of the day. Booking closer to the day will cost more with each passing day and will be quite expensive on the day of your flight.

3. Check out other airports

Don’t limit yourself to just one airport. Sometimes it will be cheaper flying from another airport not too far away. Even with the added transport cost by car or bus or train, it may still be cheaper to fly from an alternative airport. You can search for nearby airports and see how much they’ll charge for their flights.

Link: budget your trip with this tool

4. Food on Board

This is easy, just take some light snacks with you on board and save yourself the costs of having to buy food on the flight or at the airport.

5. Baggage and Luggage Check

To avoid excess baggage charges, simply wear extra item on you and not force them into your already crammed bags. There are great luggage jackets and hand luggage bags that can help you carry all that you have to carry at no extra cost. Also, be sure to weigh your luggage before you leave home, to avoid unnecessary surprises at the airport. It will also give you the chance to take out last minute items that you don’t need.

6. Home Swaps or Private Rooms

Home swaps provide you with the feel and look of a real home away from home while on a trip. It’s a swap, so you pay zero. You can also rent private rooms, apartments and even conservatories from locals. Apart from being cheaper, it’s more enjoyable too.

7. Eat local Cuisines

You’re likely to taste new foods as part of your travel experience, but much more, trying out local delicacies will cost you less. This is pure logic. Your own type of food requires that most or almost all its ingredients be important, the end result will be a familiar but expensive meal. Local foods on the other hand are the exact opposite! And tastier too.
Keep it in mind that no price difference is too small, you can always save something!

4 beautiful gorgeous beaches in Germany

Germany is home to some of the finest sands in the whole of Europe. And these beaches top the list of the best places to be, so you can get going before it gets crowded. The best time of the year to enjoy these beaches is around May or June, when the temperatures start building up nicely and there’s less crowd to deal with. These beaches are;

1. Sylt

Germany’s northernmost island, fondly known as the ‘Queen of the North Sea’ tops this list thanks to its picturesque beaches. There are about 40 km of postcard-perfect sandy beaches along its west coast, there’s a spot for everyone, you especially. Wide Wenningstedt is great for families with a close-by child-friendly hotel at Hotel Villa Klasen while Samoa and Sansibar own bright white shores that explain of their tropical names. You can watch the glowing sun set from Rotes Kliff near the village of Kampen, before dipping into some of the delectable bars and restaurants the village boast of.
Nearest airport: Westerland or Hamburg International.

2. Bay of Lübeck

Though historian are more knowledgeable of this beach than the sun’s students,, the old medieval trading post of Lübeck boasts of so many beautiful beaches. There’s Timmendorfer, Scharbeutzer, Grömitzer and Pelzerhaken in the south, where you can bask in the un’s warmth throughout the day. if the beaches are not enough to keep you out, there are many light houses plus the pier at Scharbeutz to discover and enjoy. Try the terrace restaurant at Hotel Hof Sierksdorfand sample seasonal grilled fish as well as the regional speciality, sauerfleisch, or sour, spiced pork.
Nearest airport: Hamburg Lübeck Airport.

3. Usedom

The Pomeranian island of Usedom, just between Germany and Poland, is a 45km-long coast island dotted with stunning sandy beaches along small bays. also known as the island of ‘Singing Sands’, because of the sounds of squeaking that is heard when the grains of sand rub together! The happening places here are the seaside resorts Drei Kaiserbäder, Bernsteinbäder and the Ostseebäder. Zempin is the smallest seaside resort in Usedom and is more of a boutique than bucket and spade, where you can be sure of always getting a quiet and secluded space. There are so many avenues to break a sweat, from cycling to horse-riding. To relax also, you can indulge in some of the finest thermal spas and therapeutic pools the island boasts of.
Nearest airport: Heringsdorf Airport. The nearest international airport is Berlin.

4. Amrum

The island of Amrum, located south of Sylt, has the Wadden Sea on its east side, and the Kniepsand, a 10km-wide sandbank on its west. Also known as the island of freedom, Amrum is one beach that you can be sure of having to yourself on an early summer day. This Island of freedom is picturesque, with hints of the Frisian influence evident striped in its sights and décor. Amrun, though small enough to do in a day from Sylt or Dagbüll has a bevy of homey cottages and guesthouses to make you want to stay for almost forever.
Nearest airport: Hamburg International or Billund in Denmark.

7. Juist

Juist, also Known as the Magic Land, is one of the seven populated East Frisian Islands that stretch across the north coast of Germany. At the heart of the Wattenmeer National Park, there is an extensive white sandy beach ideal for walks across the UNESCO-protected tidal flats and checking out the resident seals who have found a home for themselves on the eastern tip of the island. The transport is provided mainly by bicycles or an elegant horse-drawn carriage into town for first timers. Thu the air is pretty clean
Nearest airport: Juist Airport; for connecting flights from Norden. The Nearest international airport is Eelde Airport.

5 Thrilling Alternative Budget Vacation Ideas

If you are anything like I used to be, you probably think the perfect vacation is one that is latitudes away from your home. A place where you will experience difference in a comprehensive way, one that is so far, so unique-unlike anything you have ever seen. Sufficing is to say we dream of vacations that are overwhelming escapes from life and living as we know it. But if anything is real about travel, it is the sameness of that very uniqueness. People are the same anywhere in the world and while packaging, presentations, expressions and methodologies differ, contents remain the same. So, if for either time or money constraints, you can’t view a vacation for yourself, here are five beautiful alternatives provide equal vacationing experience as your friend’s halfway across the globe;

Explore Here and Now

We are often reaching beyond us that we don’t even realize the extent of the wonders under our own noses. Do you live in New York and yet, have only seen the Statue of Liberty in movies? Tour your immediate environment. There is more to see there than you can imagine. See for yourself those things around you that people are coming from all over the world to see.

Camp at National Parks

You will be surprised how many people want to backpack the world and yet, haven’t spent any time in National Parks. This is one of the cheapest vacationing experiences you can give yourself. Make it a serious affair for yourself. Even if you don’t love camping, do it for adventure’s sake. Get accommodation far from home to get rid of familiarity and enjoy your time out.

Go Against the Tide

So you want it cheap? Then you have to do it differently. When everyone is going to Brazil, head for Bolivia. If everyone is travelling in summer, do yours in winter. It may first seem inconvenient but you will find others like you to make it usual enough as well. You will not only be able to get transportation, accommodation, feeding and other essentials cheap, you will also have an uncommercialized touring experience which is worth a lot.

Get a Cheap Flight

This works well with the previous option. If you really want to go on vacation but have no specific destination in mind, then you only have to browse for location by typing “everywhere” as your destination. You will see various option from which you can choose the most suitable, and you will see cheap ones too if you are okay with it.

Cheap Flights: skyscanner.com

Last-Minute Tour

Eat the fattest bone by booking last minute tour. This will come cheap as tour companies don’t want to bear the losses of empty seats. So, they fill it up at all cost including reduced prices. Even if you have taken time for vacation off work, don’t book until the week before you travel to get the best deals. You can get up to 30% discounts on last minute tours.

Tour tips: tripadvisor.com